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How to spend your next long airport layover

Members of the Society of American Travel Writers and other travelers who’ve circled the globe dozens of times shared their best tips on how to make the best of a long layover, whether you want to relax, work or go sightseeing.   For a link to these suggestions for your next long layover, Click Here.

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Four takeaways on the hotel industry outlook for the Tampa Bay area and beyond

The hospitality industry is on an epic run, and while hoteliers can’t help but wonder how long this unusually long-lasting economic recovery will keep going, the outlook appears bright at least for the next year or two.   For a few takeaways from the Hillsborough County Hotel & Motel Association’s annual forum on industry trends [...]

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San Francisco Restaurants Can’t Afford Waiters.

Inside these restaurants, it’s evident that the forces making this one of the most expensive cities in America are subtly altering the economics of everything. Commercial rents have gone up. Labor costs have soared. And restaurant workers, many of them priced out by the expense of housing, have been moving away. To Find out more [...]

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