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UF study shows why Tampa sees itself as top destination for girlfriend getaways

Not since Thelma and Louise drove their Thunderbird across the desert and over the edge of the Grand Canyon has the idea of “Girlfriend Getaways” been as enthusiastically embraced as now. Hollywood’s 1991 version of girls gone wild has given way to tamer female bonding experiences. The core of Girlfriend Getaways remains the temporary reprieve [...]

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These Are the 15 Best Airports in the U.S., Ranked

“To be a high-performing airport, you’ve got to do the basic blocking and tackling well—you’ve got to have decent access, good security, restrooms have to be clean,” says Mike Taylor, who leads J.D. Power’s airport research. “But what separates the really high performers from the good airports is the food, beverage and retail.” To find [...]

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