Empty Hotels Signal Layoffs.

More than 1.2 million  Floridians work in the leisure and hospitality industry, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.  Between Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, local tourism bureaus estimate more than 150,000 people are employed by the hospitality industry. At least they were, before the outbreak. To read more about next steps and measures, [...]

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Tampa faces increases in property values

Starting on Aug. 1, 2020, Hillsborough County will increase the tax on overnight stays at local hotels from 5% to 6% due to the increase of tourism Tampa has faced these past few years. The executive director of the Hillsborough County Hotel & Motel Association, Bob Morrison, urged commissioners of the Hillsborough County to support [...]

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Hotels Ramp Up Their Wine-Tourism Experiences

While overall wine sales have slowed in recent years, at least in the United States, oenophiles have started to consume more — and demand — better quality wines. To attract this traveler, hotels and resorts are increasingly ordering private-label bottles, producing their own and ramping up wine-centric experiences.   For more on these oenophile experiences, Click Here!

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Tampa International ranked best midsize airport in America

Locals have long professed their love for Tampa International Airport, but one ranking has officially moved TPA up to first class. The Wall Street Journal called Tampa International the best among midsize airports in its annual survey ranking the best large and midsize airports in the country. The results were released Wednesday. To read more of Brandon Meyer's article, Click [...]

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