Marriott banning little shampoo bottles by 2020

Marriott International, the world's largest hotel chain, said Wednesday it will eliminate small plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner and bath gel from its hotel rooms worldwide by December 2020. They'll be replaced with larger bottles or wall-mounted dispensers, depending on the hotel. Read more on how they plan to accomplish this task, Click Here!

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Is Tampa the new Miami for tourists?

As tourism analyst Chris Klauda was on her way from Tennessee to Tampa, she chatted with a fellow traveler: "a classic millennial." "She told me Tampa was the new Miami," Klauda said during a Thursday morning presentation to a group of Hillsborough County hoteliers. To Read more on this, Click Here!

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Hillsborough County To Increase Hotel Bed Tax Aug. 1

Hillsborough County will increase the tax rate on overnight stays at local hotels by 1 percent (from 5 to 6 percent) joining other counties designated as high-impact tourism areas. Only counties generating yearly hotel tax revenues of $600 million or more are eligible to increase taxes collected on hotel rooms by an additional 1 percent. [...]

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Here’s what Hillsborough could spend its new bed tax money on (besides a baseball stadium)

There’s an assumption among Rays’ stadium supporters in Tampa that Hillsborough County’s newly-increased bed tax is a guaranteed $6+ million a year to help finance a new ballpark in Ybor City. However, several county commissioners are privately casting doubt on that assumption, as there are a lot of things those tax dollars can fund other than a [...]

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